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Treatment - Admission and Orientation Process

Admission and Orientation Process
The admission of children and youth to one of Bayfield's treatment residences is the beginning of their journey toward successful repatriation to their home communities, family, and friends. This placement will initially focus on behavioural stabilization that will prepare the resident for transition to Bayfield's semi-independent living program or one of our clinically supervised parent-modeled homes. The primary goal of our residential staff is to prepare the child/youth for his or her eventual return to his or her family's home, kinship care or independent living.

Client Orientation
When a child arrives he or she is provided with an orientation to the program, a tour of the house and school and a copy of the resident handbook containing his or her rights and responsibilities and complaint procedure. The child is introduced to key individuals within his or her program, i.e., case manager, clinical coordinator, primary worker, and school principal. The residence rules and routines are explained and the relationship between the resident's engagement in their treatment and their eventual return to their family's home, kinship care or independent living.

Bedroom Set-up
Each child has a private bedroom that has an alarm on the doors and windows to ensure the safety and security of the child and program. Children are not permitted to go to the bedroom area of other children. Staff make intermittent and routine bed checks at night. Children have a bed and a dresser unit for storage of toys and personal belongings. Children are able to decorate their room to personalize their private space.

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